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Swamp Head Brewery facility

Swamp Head Brewery facility

Tour of the brewing facilities at Swamp Head Brewery in Gainesville, FL

Howard Bishop outreach

Howard Bishop outreach

Outreach activity at Howard Bishop Middle School in Gainesville, FL

Swamp Head Brewery

Swamp Head Brewery

Visit to Swamp Head Brewery in Gainesville, FL

study social

study social

Study social at Marston Science Library



Semester banquet for active members at the Florida Museum

TSF outreach

TSF outreach

Strawberry DNA extraction activity at the Tallahassee Science Festival

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The American Society for Microbiology, Student Chapter is a student-run organization that offers undergraduate and graduate students an opportunity to more fully explore the microbiology field by offering ties to research, leadership opportunities, relevant outreach programs, trips to microbiology-related institutions, and connections with fellow peers and faculty members.


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find research opportunities

One of our primary objectives is to get students involved in research. Joining ASM Gators will connect you to fellow students and faculty members, facilitating your future in cutting-edge research at one of the top research universities in the nation.


explore career options

Microbiology is an exciting, dynamic field with many career paths. Learn what you can do with your degree after graduation in postgraduate education or industry. Connect with people in your field using ASM's large network.


engage with peers

ASM Gators offers not only academic and professional enrichment, but also offers a chance for members to interact with like-minded students and foster a beneficial social environment.


advocate for science

Bring your enthusiasm for science to community outreach events! We plan volunteer opportunities for engaging the public with demonstrations and science activities.


other opportunities...

check out these links for various internships/scholarships/workshops that could benefit your professional development

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